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Genezys 2015

"We live together" - Patterns of Belonging to the Nation and Multiple National Ties in Minority Situation

Leisure Time and Cultural Consumption Among Young Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin

Who Chooses What? Similarities and Differences in the Demographic Behavior and Relationship Characteristics of Young Hungarians Across the Border

Kultúrák – házasságban

Chinese-Hungarian relationships in Hungary: experiences of a qualitative study

Autonómia előfeltételek

Autonomy of national minorities in Serbia: reminiscence on times before the beginning – extracts

Haza a tudományban

Aesthetics of infarction

Did I see it? Here it is...

I am at home where I am accepted

Refugee at Home in Canada: Intimacy in Digital Kinship

"Because this is our country, not Germany"

About Hungarians in Bucharest, Home and Country

In the Margin of a German Hymnal

"The waiting room of the silent ancients"

"Let us show it not in word but in deed."

Is it Really Sweet and Glorious to Die for Your Country?

"Oh, please, I play for myself."


Tóth Ágnes: Németek Magyarországon 1950–1970. [Germans in Hungary 1950-1970.] Budapest: Társadalomtudományi Kutatóközpont – Argumentum Kiadó, 2020. 578 oldal] 216–-219.

Being a Minority in State Socialism.

Beck Zoltán: A megszólalás üres helye. Romológiáról és más dolgokról. [The empty space of speech. On Romology and other things.] Budapest: Napvilág, 2020. 269 oldal 220–225.

Romology reloaded

Tracing the Participation of Nationalities in Public Life and their Legal Protection.

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